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Annette Taddeo

Office: US House, FL-27

Annette Taddeo

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Senator Annette Taddeo has been a fighter all her life. As the daughter of an American WWII fighter pilot who gave her that true fighting spirit — she was taught to always believe and never give up!

As a little girl and a teenager, Annette underwent 19 major surgeries to correct a cleft lip. When she was 17, her father Anthony, was kidnapped by a Marxist terrorist group funded by the Cuban regime. She was forced to flee an unstable Colombia to the United States.

After living and working her way through college waiting tables in Alabama, Annette moved to Miami after Hurricane Andrew to help her parents rebuild their lives. It was during those difficult months that she started her own business at the age of twenty-two.

Her business, LanguageSpeak, offers translations in more than 240 languages and has been named one of the Top 100 Small Businesses in Florida.

In 2017, Annette became the first Latina Democrat elected to the State Senate in Florida history when she flipped a Senate seat held by a Republican. She has spent her career fighting for core Democratic issues like a living wage for all Floridians, defending a woman’s right to make choices about her own body, economic growth through helping our small businesses, affordable healthcare for all Floridians, safe drinking water, and stronger and safer schools.

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